The Shackles Are Off. No More Delays. Push Your Reset Button.

When it comes to challenges and losses the human psyche can only take so much before anxiety sets in.  By now I’m finding out life is like an ebb and flow.  It is a rhythmic pattern of coming and going, decline and regrowth or highs and lows.  I now understand why so many people deal with this rhythmic flow called life with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, food and anything else that will take the sting of failure and disappointment from their mind.  The insatiable appetite for finding comfort becomes foremost before anything else.   This is where you have to be able to take stock of what’s happening before starting this downward spiral.  My downward spiral started with a financial and material loss.  Relocating to Sunny Florida should have made a difference in the beginning, but it didn’t.  All I knew was that I felt a tremendous loss, my blood pressure sky rocket, my eating was out of whack, I had ballooned up to 260 pounds on a 5’2″ frame.  I was sleeping all of the time, never wanted to go anywhere.

My downward spiral:   I was sleeping all of the time, never wanted to go anywhere.  I had no interest in meeting or making new friends.  I became like the ostrich that hides his head in the sand. The only difference is I was hiding in the bed with the covers pulled up over my head.  The epiphany came for me when I was rushed to the emergency room with a blood pressure reading of 200/100 and was put on medication that could and would do more harm to my body.  Can you believe it, medical professionals gave me 3 medications that did nothing to lower my pressure, but was doing drastic harm to my body. Be aware of the side effects.  It was at that very moment that my first reset button dealt with getting my physical body off of pharmaceutical drugs, or otherwise end up beneath the ground instead of above ground.  Since I wasn’t ready to end up beneath the ground, I threw away all medications ( now I do not advocate you doing what I did) but if you stay tuned you will find out how some simple adjustments can make the difference in your life.  This is where I began to push my own reset button.  I began to take the shackles off of things and conditions that had bound me for many years by starting with my physical body. I had been bound to pharmaceutical drugs for 14 years and instead of me getting better, I was getting sicker and sicker.  At first,   I thought my feeling bad daily was due to my state of mind, not realizing that the drugs I was putting into my body was having a dire effect.

A former high school classmate gave me my aha moment by simply asking me to critique his website, which I did, but it was some simple information that caught my eye.  Something that you and I do every day. but never realized the importance of or how we take this natural product for granted.  You will learn in subsequent writings, what I did and the difference my first reset button made in my life.


Loss: Momentary Interruption

The loss of material things and people can be undaunting,  it leaves you with such a void. You become lifeless,  not able to breathe.   I begin to wonder about the Whys? The what ifs?  You sink into a period of depression, where all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and never get out of bed; hoping that by the time morning comes things will not seem as bleak.  I thought to myself,  here I am ready to bask in my senior years and I’m losing the things I’ve worked so very hard for.  Do I fold and give up or do I stand and fight?  Well, my friends, ¶this was a time that I had to fold and give up.  Good decision or bad decision, who knows.  The only thing I can tell you is that it was a decision.  I could have remained stagnant and waited for the ax to drop.  I could have done like so many others, waited for the Marshalls to come and evict me out of my home, sitting my things on the street to be stolen or weather beaten.  I could not do that I had amassed some nice furnishings over the years, and anyway, what a waste.   Instead, I was offered an opportunity to move in with my son and his family.  You see, he had gotten a major promotion with his company, but it meant relocating.  When he first asked me to move with them, my immediate reply was an emphatic no.  Moving to another state meant leaving my friends.  And anyway what parent want to move in with their adult child.  I had been the breadwinner, the sole provider for myself and two sons.  I put one through a 4-year private college and the other had the pleasure of going in the front door and walking out the back door of several schools, never finishing but always starting, lol. I managed to have a couple of rental properties.  I thought I was doing pretty good until the bottom fell out.  And here my son want me to pack up my things and move to another state which meant meeting new people, make new friends, getting acclimated to a new community.  I think I cried a month just thinking about how I felt so devastated.  This was a feat I wanted no part of….But he began his new position in Florida immediately before he left he gave me 6 months to decide.  He would be back in June to move his family and he hoped I would be going also.  The long delay for his move was to give his children time to finish up the school year with their friends.  You see one was a Junior in high school and the other was headed to high school.the new school term.  Plus, it gave my daughter in law and my grandchildren time to wear me down and move with them. Tho it was something I did not want to do. Crying wasn’t helping.  Standing still and doing nothing wasn’t an answer nor was staying in bed pulling the covers over my head and crawling into a neonatal position and sleeping wasn’t  helping.  There were a few times I thought I had solved my financial woes only to be disappointed.

Now, if financial problems weren’t enough, now I  have to think about my health.  Blood Pressure sky high.  Weight sky high.  And Depressed.  My health was failing.  Stress can definitely kill you.   What a lot of people don’t realize is that financial crisis can be so devastating that you can develop serious health problems behind it.  So now I have two challenges:  Financial and Health!  Wow! what’s a person suppose to do?

Well by the time June rolled around I was packing boxes, giving away items, preparing to relocate. I am preparing to leave a 6000 square foot all brick home.  My son traveled a lot with his job and my daughter in law’s position kept her busy, so grandma came in handy with two teenagers.  I will tell you now, it was the move, new surroundings, my grandchildren, the friends that I made and the old friends that I reacquainted with that helped me to take my shackles off and reset my button.  Next issue I will outline some of the things I did to reset my button.



My Journey – Change – Reset

It is now 5:00 pm, and as the buyer, seller and myself anxiously wait for some indication that we will close this transaction; the Closing Attorney frantically comes in to tell us that the Federal Government closed the Bank, there will be no closing today or any other time at least not with that particular bank. You think the Attorney was frantic, I was flabbergasted! The buyer and seller in shock. This is when we probably could have used a defibrillator for all of us to bring us back to life. Never in a million years would any of us have imagined that a bank would or could be closed at the drop of a pin, but that was only the beginning of the rapid decline of the Real Estate Industry in 2008. Many builders went out of business leaving incomplete projects in many communities. Banks were being closed left and right. Sadly, we never closed and the Builder that I was selling homes for closed its doors and moved back to Texas, where they were originally from. I was saddened by the turn of events, but since I’ve always been a hustler, I hung my Real Estate License with another Company and concentrated on Resales and Foreclosures. The closing of banks caused a ripple effect. Many people lost their jobs and their homes due to foreclosure, I was able for a couple of years to keep my head above water. I was selling a home maybe every 2-3 months and then trying to close the deal was like pulling teeth from an elephant. So much, you had to go through just to get a mortgage loan closed, and then you’ve got buyers with champagne taste and a beer pocketbook.  Stress galore, eating habits out of whack, and elevated blood pressure that had me on pharmaceutical drugs.  When your money is funny all of a sudden and you end up having more bills than money each month, that’s when you know you’re in trouble. Eventually, by 2911 I too,  succumbed to the inevitable. Sales were too hard to make and when you did make a sale, it took forever to close. You get my drift by now. I too lost properties and vehicles due to foreclosures and repossessions.

Continued next week


My Journey – Change – Reset


You’ve read my intro, now you’re a little curious. How does one make a change? Where should you begin? Maybe you’re satisfied with where you are in life. You don’t feel bound and there are no shackles to release and you certainly don’t want to push a reset button to change. If these are your sentiments, that’s ok, just view this as a read for pleasure and a few laughs. However, as you follow my post, you may find some interesting information, that may cause you to push that reset button.

Journey with me into my world. as I tell you about the beginning of my own transformation. I realized I was in trouble 8 years ago, well no 9 years ago, I forgot for a moment it is 2017.  It was 2008, right before the Real Estate Market took a nose dive.  Up to that date, I had been a Licensed Realtor for 28 years earning a 6 figure income.  I was enjoying all the things a 6 figure income with good credit could buy:  Homes, rental property, cars, etc.  My health was good, well what I thought was good.  I was on medication for high blood pressure, but so what,  my aunts (3) and my mom had elevated pressure and were on medication, I just figured it was par for the course. There were many times negotiating a contract between buyer and seller was stressful but in the end, the joy for me came when I  walked from the closing table with $20-30K in commissions.  Now those were good days.

Now, imagine this.  A beautiful June Morning- 2008. You’re excited as all heck.  Today, I will close 7 homes that will net me $35,000 in commissions.  That means I will be sitting in the closing Attorney’s office all day, but so what, it will be worth it.  My first closing is scheduled for 9:00 am.  My buyers and I arrive at 8:30. Since we’re early, the receptionist seats us in the conference closing room.  In a matter of a few minutes, the closing Attorney comes in with the closing folder and begins the closing process.  Wow, first closing for the day is complete and I have check in hand.  Now 6 more closings to go.  10:30 am is the scheduled time for the next two closings.  These were coined double closings or back to back closings.  The second closing has taken place, the buyers leave happy with their keys in hand. I have my 2nd commission check in hand.   The seller and I stay in the closing room as he becomes the buyer for the next transaction.  The receptionist enters and brings a tray with coffee, water, and cokes, while we are wetting our throats, the sellers for this transaction enters and we all engage in small talk.  After about 45 minutes, the closing Attorney comes in and tells us its going to be a wait because the bank has not transferred the closing documents to his closing secretary nor has the monies been deposited into his Trust Account.  So, we all wait patiently.

Stay tuned to read what happens next week.




Are you a baby boomer?  The Silent Generation?   Senior?  A Retiree?

Are you allowing life to pass you by?

Every seven seconds someone turns 50+and as they enter into their 50’s, another group is entering into their 60’s, their 70’s and so on.

This blog is being written for you, for us.  I will address the challenges that we face and give you ways to PUSH YOUR (OWN) RESET BUTTON so that you can enjoy and live life to the fullest.

It is never too late to PUSH YOUR RESET BUTTON.

A new post will be written monthly, sometimes more.